The IPPF is looking for members from our community to join our Board of Directors. The IPPF BOD serves as the strategic arm of the Foundation and provides annual and long-term goals to the CEO and staff, fundraises to support programs, and works collectively to advance the IPPF in our core areas: advocacy, awareness, education, support, and research.

“The best way to find yourself
is in the service of others.”


We seek a mix of culturally, racially, gender, professionally, and geographically diverse directors. Interested individuals should have experience in an area that strengthens the Foundation. Examples include: market access and reimbursement, nonprofit law, fundraising, organizational development, public relations, policy, and grant writing.

  • Terms. Directors serve a 1-year term with the possibility of re-election to multiple 2-year terms (capped at 7 consecutive years). This is an unpaid, volunteer position.
  • Attendance. The BOD meets 12 times a year (9 teleconference, 3 in person).
  • Fundraising. Each director is encouraged to support the IPPF through personal contributions, gifts funding through personal networks, filing grants, and fundraising in general.

People can submit nominations (others or themselves) by downloading an application or filling one out online. Information needed for submissions includes:

  1. Current resume/CV
  2. Statement of Interest (250 words why you want to join the BOD and the skills you bring)
  3. Acknowledgement of terms, attendance, and requirements
  4. Picture of the nominee (jpeg)

The IPPF does not discriminate, and encourages patients, family members, and committed friends consider a role in shaping our future.

For more information, or to submit a nominee, please email

Things you will need:

  1. Resume/CV
  2. Statement of interest (250 words)
  3. Acknowledgement of terms, etc.
  4. Picture