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Archivos Mensuales: June 2008

PV and Cocaine Don’t Mix

The Journal of the European Academy of Dermatology and Venereology (JEADV) printed, in its Letters to the Editor section, a case study from the Department of Dermatology, Valencia University General Hospital, in Spain. Pemphigus Vulgaris Associated with Cocaine Snorting. It

Publicado en: Tema 53 - Verano 2008

2008 Annual Meeting Q&A

Q: Are there any statistics within the U.S. on how many have our diseases? A: Estimates have been made but there is no good grasp on the actually number. Q: If an individual already has an autoimmune disease, is that

Publicado en: Tema 53 - Verano 2008


Q: Are there incentive for drug companies to pursue better drugs? A: The Aspreva CellCept study was a good example of how things work in the market of rare diseases. Company will not try to find new drugs unless there is

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Publicado en: Tema 53 - Verano 2008

IPPF Health Management Program

Are you looking for a way to contribute first-hand to a larger goal that may help you and other people living with pemphigus/pemphigoid (P/P) Many medical professionals agree that since P/P is rare, gathering accurate and complete information on the

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Publicado en: Administración de la salud, Tema 53 - Verano 2008


El registro de p y p ha sido aprobado por la Junta de revisión institucional de occidental (WIRB) y activamente es inscribir participantes.