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It’s More than Just Information: Working with the HMP’s Marc Yale

Last year I signed up for the IPPF’s Programa de administración de salud with the idea that I would benefit the Foundation with vital information and as a result I would learn more about my disease. A couple of weeks ago a thoughtful e-mail arrived from my new Health Coach-Marc Yale. I had seen Marc on stage at the IPPF Annual Meeting receiving an IPPF Star Award for Patient Support. A couple of days later, he called to follow-up on my health, current progress and we had time to discuss treatment options.
As a patient with Bullous Pemphigoid, Marc is extremely knowledgeable thoughtful and caring. As a member of the Board of Directors, I appreciated his professionalism and was pleased that it has been so easy to participate in the HMP. If you have not participated yet be sure to contact the IPPF office. You, as well as others, will benefit from the experience.

Lee A. Heins

Secretary & Treasurer

IPPF Board of Directors

Publicado en: Tema 58 - Otoño 2009


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