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Clinically Speaking

This section is provided to give physicians a deeper, medical look into pemphigus and pemphigoid. Feel free to review this information as it is written and edited by P/P researchers and clinicians for P/P researchers and clinicians.


Pemphigus is a group of organ specific autoimmune diseases characterized by the production of autoantibodies to desmogleins. Aprende más


Pemphigoid is a group of subepidermal, blistering autoimmune diseases that primarily affect the skin, especially the lower abdomen, groin, and flexor surfaces of the extremities. Aprende más


Drugs are often used in combination, particularly adjuvant drugs given concurrently with steroids, and dosing schedules vary widely. Aprende más

Complications and Side Effects

The list of complications from pemphigus and pemphigoidand from their therapyare extensive. The good news is they are manageable. Aprende más

Risk Fact-ors

The myths and misconceptions surrounding pemphigus and pemphigoid are laid to rest. Aprende más

Diagnostic Testing

Diagnostic testing of bullous conditions is based on clinical features, a biopsy, and direct or indirect immunofluorescence. Aprende más

Current Consensus of Disease Outcomes

Pemphigus and pemphigoid treatment include a control phase and then a maintenance phase, con la posibilidad de remisión completa o recaída de la enfermedad. Aprende más

Prevention & Psychology

Several factors seem to exacerbate pemphigus Additionally, the physiological effects can be as damaging to a person as the disease itself. Aprende más