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Hee-Hee! Ha-Ha! White Elephants

Well, she had to get us started by laughing about thewhite elephantin the roomwas it true that our Certified Laughter Leader’s last name really was, “Hee”? Barbara Hee?

Hee-hee, ha-ha, right off the bat we were feeling better already. Most of us, or maybe I’m projecting, were a bit hesitant to stand up - even after hours of medical lecturesclap out hands and loosen up a bit, but not for long! Barbara interwove elements of personal stories, research showing reduced stress through laughing and highlighting the sense of connection and safety we experienced when the whole room was laughing together over the same images. Being agrown-upand moving through a chronic disease isn’t something to laugh over, but maybe still we need to laugh through it at times. Deep thanks go to Barbara and her husband for travelling so far to be with us and for lightening our load through their presence.

Publié dans Question 57 - Été 2009


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