2019 IPPF Patient
Education Conference

Saturday, October 12


Sunday, October 13


Workshop Block #1 

  1. Wound Care – David Margolis, MD, PhD, UPenn, Philadelphia, PA
  2. Ocular Pemphigoid – Kristin Hammersmith, MD, Wills Eye Hospital, Philadelphia, PA

Workshop Block #2

  1. Topical Treatment for Oral Blistering Diseases – Eric Stoopler, DMD, UPenn, Philadelphia, PA
  2. Stress Management – Mei Ling Moore, IPPF Peer Health Coach, Santa Monica, CA
  3. Advocating to Engage Decision-makers – Marc Yale, IPPF Executive Director, Ventura, CA

Workshop Block #3 

  1. Diagnosis and Oral Biopsies in Autoimmune Bullous Diseases – Takako Tanaka, DDS, UPenn, Philadelphia, PA

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