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Advocacy: The Voices of Many

Right now, as many of you know, once you’ve been approved for disability most cases take 24 months before you can be approved for Medicare.

In last Winter’s issue, we talked about a Congressional bill that would eliminate the 24 month waiting period for Medicare once someone has been approved for disability (SSDI).

Well, the Medicare Rights Center let us know that the bills have been reintroduced as bill HR1708, S700, Eliminate 24 Month Waiting Period for People with Disabilities. Whether you agree with a one payer system, Universal Healthcare or not, no one diagnosed with pemphigus and pemphigoid who has been approved for disability should have to agonize over how they might pay for the treatment they need. The worst time for our diseases is usually the first 24 months. We encourage everyone to please contact your Congressional representatives and ask them to co-sponsor or support this bill. This is a bi-partisan bill and representatives from both parties are supporting it. Getting treated at an emergency room that is overcrowded by doctors who have no idea what pemphigus or pemphigoid is while waiting 8 or more hours just to see someoneother than emergency room residentsis not acceptable.
Let’s get together and make sure new patients suffering from pemphigus and pemphigoid get the help they deserve!

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