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Is there anything I can do to reduce the price of medication?

The costs of medication are high and many people have trouble paying for them if they don’t have medical insurance. You need to take your medication exactly as your doctor wants you to. Skipping doses or reducing doses on your own can have serious consequences.

One common way to reduce the cost is by switching to a generic brand. Check with your doctor or pharmacist. If you are a veteran, check with the Veteran's Administration. Perhaps you can join an organization which offers members a discount on medication, such as The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP Website or AARP MedicareRx Plans Website).

Check to see if buying more at one time, or buying smaller amounts of medication more often can save you money. You can also check

with your county health department to see if you are eligible to get medical treatment at reduced rates. Another organization that may help is the National Council on the Aging. Finally, most drug manufacturers have a plan where patients can get medication at reduced prices or even free. This is not usually easy and sometimes your doctor has to make the effort, but it certainly worth checking into.

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