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Our success depends on your generosity. There are more ways to donate than ever before. Your investment today gets us closer to a P/P-free world tomorrow. 자세히

자원 봉사

As a small and lean nonprofit, we depend on dedicated volunteers to assist in many aspects of running the foundation. 자세히

프로젝트 스폰서

Right now, important projects are ready to begin as soon as we raise the money to fund them. You can make them happen immediately by becoming a sponsor. 자세히

기금 모금 행사를 개최

We provide you with all the tools to plan a successful event to raise money and awareness for the IPPF. It’s more than easyit’s fun! 자세히

Connect with Others

You are not alone. There are thousands of patients around the world who are there when you needinsider informationor a little boost to your mood. Cheer uphelp is closer than you think. 지원 받기

연례 회의

Every year the IPPF brings together patients, 보호자, and leading P/P physicians for a weekend of support, education, and friendship. 자세히

Local & International Support

Local support groups are a great way to meet others patients and caregivers who live nearby. If you don’t have one, we can reach out to your surrounding area and ask if others want to get together. 자세히