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Just back from the doctor and struggling with the diagnosis? We have some information for you that will help you get informed, find support, and get your life back on track. Find out more

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Get easy to understand information on what pemphigus and pemphigoid are, how they are diagnosed, and the treatments available. 자세히

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Find out about treatment options, finding the right doctor, clinical trials, and the facts and fiction surrounding them. 자세히

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If you think pemphigus and pemphigoid are rare, try finding a physician! Our Peer Health Coaches can help you find the closest doctor and get you on the road to remission. Find a Physician

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You are not alone. There are thousands of patients around the world who are there when you needinsider informationor a little boost to your mood. Cheer uphelp is closer than you think. 지원 받기


IPPF 환자 도움이 될 정보와 자료의 광범위 한 목록을 컴파일하고 있다, 보호자, 의료 전문가. 자세히

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Pemphigus 및 pemphigoid 너무 희귀 하기 때문에, 그것은 걸립니다 더욱 희귀 한 사람이 어떤 환자를 다루고 이해 하, 치료 같습니다, 그리고 모두 함께 하 고 라이브 삶을 다시 당겨 하는 방법. 우리의 PHC 팀을 그냥 할 수 있습니다. 코치에 게