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Central European Journal of Immunology

Clinical immunology
Presence of markers of different neoplasms in serum of patients suffering on autoimmunological bullous disease

The aim of the study was to indicate serum cancer markers of internal organs increased level in blood of patients with bullous diseases with autoimmunological background (CEA, Ca125, tPSA). Levels of neoplasmatical markers were determinated by ELISA method. Auto antibodies were determinated by immunofluorescency IF. 50 환자 (male – 19 and 31 female) were investigated. Patients were divided into 2 groups: with pemphigus (14 환자, male and female) and with pemphigoid (36 patients male and female). In serum obtained from all (100%) of female patients with pemphigoid auto antibodies IgG anty BMZ were present. In 44.5% presence of Ca125 was determinated as well as presence of CEA (11.2%). Results obtained from serum of male pemphigoid patients were different. 66.7% have shown presence of auto antibodies as well as presence of tPSA but 100% of these patients shown negative CEA. 100% of female patients with pemphigus had autoantibodies present in investigated serum, but only 15.3% shown presence of Ca125 and another 15.3% – presence of CEA.

Immunofluorescency shown positive resultin 100% of male patients with pemphigus with presence of CEA and negative result of tPSA. High level of autoantibodies and higher level of Ca125 were observed in blood of pemphigoid female patients. The correlation between presence of autoantibodies and higher levels of tPSA in blood of male pemphigoid patients were observed.

bullous diseases
, pemphigus, pemphigoid, neoplasmatical markers

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