Paging Doctor Howard, Doctor Fine, Doctor Howard…”

Save the Comedy Routines for TV; Find the Doctor That is Right for You

The title comes from the Three StoogesshortMen in Black” (1934), in which the trio play doctors. The short, a parody of MGM’s Clark Cable movieMen in White,” poked fun at the medical profession. “For Duty and Humanityis the pledge the Stooges made when they play medical students who have graduated with thehighest temperatures in their class.Those three always put a smile on the audience’s face no matter how serious the issue was. 그러나, finding a doctor that knows how to diagnose and treat pemphigus or pemphigoid is no simple task.

Because pemphigus and pemphigoid are rare diseases, it is often difficult to find a doctor who might be experienced in treating these diseases. There are several steps that could be taken to help you find the right physicians.

Most blistering diseases are treated by dermatologists even if there are only mucous membrane manifestations. Patient with only ocular pemphigoid should see an ocular specialist, preferably at a major medical center. You should first check with the IPPF. We have an extensive list of experienced doctors. 그러나, our list does not cover all the areas of the United States or worldwide.

Remember, when you are looking for a doctor to help you, consider using the helpful tips provided on this page and always call our office first. We’re here to help.

Finding the Right Physician

1. Contact the IPPF for a physician referral.

2. If the IPPF cannot recommend a referral, check in your area to see if there is a University Medical Center – a teaching hospital. Teaching hospitals are usually places where you will find a doctor familiar with treating rare blistering diseases.

3. Decide what qualities you need in your physician – what is most important to you: knowledge, bedside manner, willingness to involve you in treatment decisions, etc.

4. If you live in a small town, call local Dermatologists first. The IPPF can recommend experts for your local doctor to consult with so you will get the best treatment advice available.

5. When you call to make an appointment, you might have to wade your way through the registration operators (chances are they do not know anything about pemphigus or pemphigoid). Make sure you do not underplay the need to see the doctor ASAP. Ask if you can talk to the nurse associated with the doctor if you cannot get a timely appointment. Time can play a big part in deciding on medication dosing.

6. If you are having trouble getting an appointment within a few weeks, call the IPPF. If the organization has a relationship with the doctor we may be able to help secure an appointment for you sooner.

7. In the U.S., check with the American Academy of Dermatology at They can help you find a doctor in the U.S.

8. The IPPF does have referrals for patients outside the U.S. 그러나, the IPPF may not have one in your area. Check with the largest Medical Center in your city or country.

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