Partnering to Improve Diagnosis

Research shows nearly 15% of all diagnoses are inaccurate, and misdiagnosis is even more common in cases of rare diseases such as P/P. How can doctors and dentists who have never seen a case of P/P more accurately diagnose patients presenting with this condition and also provide their patients with a true understanding of what to expect when diagnosed with P/P. The IPPF has established an affiliation with Logical Images VisualDxHealth (, in an effort to build awareness, understanding, and, most importantly, better recognition of P/P.

Logical Images, a company dedicated to improving accuracy in diagnosis in order to drive better quality of care, has established the most comprehensive digital medical image library in the world consisting of over 50,000 images. This expert collection is the foundation for VisualDxHealth, online resource for consumer skin health, and VisualDx, diagnostic decision support for health care professionals. Both products are coupled with expert-written information managed and maintained by the over 100 physician specialists on the Logical Images editorial board.

Visual DXDerived from the professional tool VisualDx (which was proven in randomized trials to increase diagnostic accuracy by over 120% compared to traditional resources), VisualDxHealth gives doctors and dentists a trusted resource to provide their patients information on skin-based diseases. VisualDxHealth provides a detailed overview of each condition which is represented with multiple images, helping patients to see and better identify with the condition. The IPPF has contributed to the P/P disease profile and has been named a Trusted Source for this increasingly popular resource. We are delighted to work with a company dedicated to providing great resources for doctors and patients alike!

Posted in Issue 54 - Fall 2008
The P/P Registry has been approved by the Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB) and is actively enrolling participants.