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Archiwa Bloga

The Powerful, Positive Support of People

The IPPF Annual Meeting provides a unique, quality opportunity for all who attend. While the IPPF has a website, discussion group, local support groups and quarterly newsletter, the in person face-to-face annual meetings continue to enable patients, caregivers and doctors

Napisano w Issue 57 - Summer 2009

The View from Here

When I was first diagnosed with PV 25 years ago, I had no one to talk with about my disease. There was no internet and I felt alonethat I was the only person in the world with

Napisano w Issue 57 - Summer 2009

First-ever AAD Bullous Disease Symposium Surpasses Expectations

A large hall was allocated for the session, which was open to any registrant without an additional fee, and was full for most of the session, with about 300 dermatologists in the room.

Napisano w Issue 57 - Summer 2009

Expanding Awareness to Researchers in Immunology

The IPPF Leadership was awarded one of only four scholarships to participate in a pilot program launched by the American Academy of Immunologists

Napisano w Issue 57 - Summer 2009

Advocacy: The Voices of Many

Right now, as many of you know, once you’ve been approved for disability most cases take 24 months before you can be approved for Medicare.

Napisano w Issue 57 - Summer 2009

First Patient/Doctor Meeting in Italy Concludes

The first Patient/Doctor Meeting was held in Italy on May 18, 2009 in the IDI Dermatological Hospital, Rome.

Napisano w Issue 57 - Summer 2009

Join Raymond and Carolyn for Another Exciting PEM FriendsAway Weekend

Excluding the hosts, Raymond and Carolyn Blain, we already have the names of eight people who will be attending, so hurry towards a decision about joining us! These weekends are great fun, and of particular value to those experiencing a

Napisano w Issue 57 - Summer 2009

PEM Friends Meeting Recap

For the first time since our group started meeting two or three times a year for lunch, on the 20 February 2009 we held a lunch outside London.

Napisano w Issue 57 - Summer 2009

Hee-Hee! Ha-Ha! White Elephants

Well, she had to get us started by laughing about thewhite elephantin the roomwas it true that our Certified Laughter Leader’s last name really was, “Hee”? Barbara Hee?

Napisano w Issue 57 - Summer 2009


The P/P Registry has been approved by the Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB) and is actively enrolling participants.