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PEM Friends Away Weekend

The PEM Friends (UK) met in June for their annual Away Weekend hosted by Raymond and Carolyn Blain.

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009

International Pemphigus Meeting Held in Switzerland

Nestled in the pristine Swiss Alps, the Hotel Allegro in the city of Berne, Switzerland was the location for an international meeting discussing all aspects of pemphigus. The meeting consisted of 3 days of intense scientific discussions. The meeting was

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009

From the Top

What happened to the lazy days of summer! After slicing and drying almost 300 pounds of tomatoes from my garden, it is a happy frenzy when I get to the IPPF office – which is, at least, air conditioned. Will

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009

Faith, Vision, Sacrifice: Honoring IPPF Founder Janet D. Segall

Janet said, “I thought I would try to start the Foundation. Unfortunately, I was not prepared for the enormity of the task, and found it all quite over-whelming; so I gave it up; though I continued to look for others

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009

It’s More than Just Information: Working with the HMP’s Marc Yale

Last year I signed up for the IPPF’s Health Management Program with the idea that I would benefit the Foundation with vital information and as a result I would learn more about my disease. A couple of weeks ago a

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009

A Look Back on the IPPF: Good Memories and Great Friendships

As a member of the IPPF BOD and one of Janet’s longest standing supporters, I wanted to relect on where Janet brought us fromand to. Janet Segall has had many outstanding accomplishments since she started the Foundation in

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009

What in the heck is this thing called RSS?

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. What it actually is can simplify the lives of the information-starved from the comfort of their home computer, laptop, or mobile phone.

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009

Amanda and Her Support Network: Three Years Later and Still Going Strong

Much has happened since our daughter, Amanda Staso, was featured in the Winter 2006 issue of the Quarterly. At that time, she was in eighth grade, and had just started treatment with Dr. Grant Anhalt after receiving a diagnosis of

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009

View from the Top

This issue of the Quarterly focuses on our theme of Support. Support is one of the founding principles of the IPPF, stated in our Mission as: The IPPF provides direct access to innovative and effective support that: promotes the very

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009

The View from Here

One of our volunteers soliciting gifts for our Annual Meeting auction mentioned to me that several of the places she has contacted asked the question, ?Does this disease affect kids?? When they asked her that question, she thought, ?Yes, of

Publicado em Issue 58 - Fall 2009


The P/P Registry has been approved by the Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB) and is actively enrolling participants.