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Got Milk? You Don’t Need It.

By Mark Bittman Drinking milk is as American as Mom and apple pie. Until not long ago, Americans were encouraged not only by the lobbying group called the American Dairy Association but by parents, doctors and teachers to drink four

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a cup of java with Miki: Dr. Anhalt

  With a specialty degree in Dermatology and a sub-specialty called Dermatologic Immunology/Clinical and Laboratory Immunology, Dr. Grant J. Anhalt is also a golfer (like that’s a surprise)! His lowest handicap has been a 13, but currently an 18…. “and

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Fears, Tears, and Hopeand Cheers for New Years

The holidays and end of year are nearly upon us as I write this article. This time of year brings so many different and conflicted feelings for most people, usually very personal and emotional. As noted previously, while so many

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a cup of java with Miki: Mary Lou

  That southern drawl, charm, and warmth drew me to her like a magnet. I met Lou at the 2010 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, where she and her husband Billy (who cracks me up) gave me a big old hug.

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