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Fight to defeat US pemphigoid pemphigus disease

Pemphigus, pemphigoid, strange names, unknown names called orphan diseases that affect the skin and mucous membranes.

This is because one of their own, Oceane was reached, that young WJC (Youth City Council) decided to mobilize and motivate as many people.

If Oceane is in remission after a period of very strict diet and medication, she knows that the disease is incurable and painful blisters that one day may return. Her mother, who is part of the National Association of control and prevention against this crippling disease, is sounding the alarmagainst the vagaries of diagnostic symptoms that commonplace, if not unmasked in time, through ignorance This disease can cause death.

A resounding success

That is why young WJC agreed to organize this charity event: “Fully charge of the project, they took the initiative, they have ensured the implementation, and deserve the success they know,” said Valerie Breton which followed the event.Aided by local associations, which intervened to ensure the show is either to logistics, these kids have a lot invested and the audience followed.

This audience was young and feelboostedthe appearance of singer slam creazy.
But all ages have tried country dancing, while enjoying theresto-fastset up by the WJC.
At the Miss Junior Villers, Zahra has conquered the jury with his passion for volleyball.
It has also been a champion of Picardy minimal. Male category, Franck was named Mister Villers.

The profits from this evening will be entirely donated to the association:

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