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 A small, but perfectly formed group of PEM Friends braved the floods  in the UK on Monday 26th November 2012 to have a sociable lunch together and share their experiences of Pemphigus and Pemphigoid. Even though it was a low turnout of  just seven patients, there was a wide diversity of the diseases represented and a great deal of empathy and common interest.

People came from as far away as Leicestershire and Suffolk.   We met in the self-service restaurant of Peter Jones in Sloane Square, London.

We were joined by Dr. Jane Setterfield, a Consultant Dermatologist with a great wealth of knowledge in the field of blistering diseases, particularly when there is oral involvement. Dr. Setterfield was able to answer our many questions and suggest possible actions for those attending.

Some of the particularly helpful sources of further information that Dr. Setterfield guided the group to were:-




It was a very enjoyable and useful event.