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U.K. pemphigoid patients are encouraged to attend an Open Day on Pemphigoid April 19, 2013, at the Clinical Tutorial Complex, Moorfields Eye Hospital. The purpose of this event is to find out from patients what they think the major problems are that relate to pemphigoid such as:

• deficiencies seen in health service provision for pemphigoid-related problems.
• how the health service and its staff could help pemphigoid patients more.
• what patients think the priorities for pemphigoid care should be.
• areas pemphigoid patients think should be a focus of research, diagnosis, treatments, care, etc.

Attendees may speak for 10 minutes on a topic of their choosing, however, there is no guarantee everyone will be accommodated. Persons who want to speak should contact Dr. Dart with their topic.

Researchers are being invited and will give 10-minute presentations on their areas of research. There will be some scientific posters displayed which can be discussed with the research staff.

Expenses are non-reimbursable, but lunch and refreshments will be provided. There is space for 40 patients. For those who cannot attend, a summary will be available for those interested.
Please contact Dr. Dart if you are interested in attending, speaking, or for a copy of the proceedings. Elaina Reid, a Research Nurse, is assisting.


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