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Advocacy & Education: How one Person Took Her Story to the Professionals

Frequently in conversations with people suffering from one of the variouspemphigaldiseases, one is taken back by how common it is to hear that it took months to be diagnosedand even then, most doctors and dentists only

Posted in Issue 62 - Fall 2010

MindulnessSeasons of Life & Chronic Illness

A painting by Flemish painter Dr. Hugo Heyrman has forever changed how I now think of the stages of life. The name of the painting which has touched me so deeply is “City Leaf”. There is a special beauty in

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Q&A: Questions from the forums, email, phone calls, and Facebook postings

Answers from the IPPF Peer Health Coaches Q: I’ve heard of some success with tacrolimus ointment for BPthoughts? A: Some doctors report success with tacrolimus ointment for BP, that it can help limit the use of more potent

Posted in Issue 62 - Fall 2010

a cup of java with Miki: Mary Lou

  That southern drawl, charm, and warmth drew me to her like a magnet. I met Lou at the 2010 Annual Meeting in Philadelphia, where she and her husband Billy (who cracks me up) gave me a big old hug.

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The P/P Registry has been approved by the Western Institutional Review Board (WIRB) and is actively enrolling participants.