A doctor’s dilemma

He’s got comes it is good. Confidence is an extremely rare and potentially fatal blistering skin disease that can cause painful sores in theokay. Tofrom this group. We’ll see that theright there. This huge occasionfor any huge cut. Or when it occurs in the eyes confuse eyeballs to –”

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Sometimes leading to blindness. The disease which affects about one in every 200000 people can attack any skin’s surface.

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Doctorates talk Ahmed is a Mission Hills skin specialist who’s considered by many to be leading authority on country guess in a similar disease called country going to.

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With the treatment he pioneered using intravenous immune globulin. IVIG for short. Ahmed says he has helped thousands of patients over the last two decades.

Pick that this demonstrates. That he survived pleaded what’s he doing. I think he’sdarn. To his patients for whom other treatments don’t work he’s a hero. But the future andits practice is in jeopardy there was a federal investigation. On the use of INGin my office. In 2007.


Ahmed pleaded guilty in federal court to backdating letters and falsifying medical tests. Prosecutors say he was seeking unauthorized reimbursements from Medicare. — into knowledge that he violated Medicare regulations. But contends he was only making sure patients received coverage for treatments that can cost as much as 200000 dollars. Prosecutors would not discuss the case for the story. But acknowledged in court documents that on its treatment helps patients who did not respond to other therapies.

Everybody is looking at me with our legs going we don’t know even doctorslittle. It looks big failurefollow me.


Some blistering disease doctors have questions comments treatment regiment. But the diseases are still not completely understood. And Ahmed is seen by many as the doctor of last resort forguess contempt for going to.

But you can wife beating two young kids headed card adapter and the quality of life. For these people to zero the worst was I’m associated ENT. Here’s nose throat guy like miles that looks like a moonscapethis guy. Is taking its bombs and precedent under my time that happens blisters that pain was excruciating. — made it out to my cart. I’ve literally had to just sit there for twenty minutes. I want it –”


Since comments 2007 guilty plea. The federal Medicare program in Harvard pilgrim the State’s second largest insurer have stopped reimbursing him. Several other health insurers have considered dropping him from the networks. Ahmed has gathered patient testimonials and hired a PR firm to make the case that his practice should continue. And an April hearing he will ask a judge to restore his billing privileges for the federal Medicare program. That covers 40% of his patients. Patients who have come to depend on him. My fear latest move to Florida. And that would likely to join them I won’t leave Boston economists. Afterthis year. Even in his own words before a judgecomment concedes that he faced a moral dilemma. By billing Medicare for patients treatment he broke

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the law. But to not treat them because there was no insurance to cover the cost he says would have been a violation of the oath he took and he became a doctor. I. To the patients that he’s helped however there are no shades of gray and doctor Rahman’s case.

He told me everything is going to be all right and it was exactly right. He gave me my life back it was worthwanted to continue it now.


And concern that. Great then wesee you back in a month now and hopefully use continue to do it.



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