March 19, 2021
The National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD) Rare Action Network released the following statement in response to how the American Rescue Plan may impact the rare disease community.

President Biden signed the American Rescue Plan into law on Thursday, March 11th! This law contains many important provisions to help our country through the COVID-19 crisisHere are 5 changes the American Rescue Plan makes that matter to the rare disease community: 

  1. Increases funding and support to help Americans afford private health insurance through or their state marketplace, and provides protection from paying back excess subsidies due to income changes. 
  2. Provides 100% premium support for COBRA insurance through September 30 for individuals who have lost coverage due to involuntary layoffs or reduced hours. 
  3. Provides additional federal support for vital home-and community-based services that enable many rare disease patients to live in their home states rather than moving to a facility for care. 
  4. Expands state coverage to help uninsured Americans access COVID-19 vaccines and treatment and curb the spread of the virus. 
  5. Provides new incentives for states to expand their Medicaid programs and provide health insurance to millions of low-income Americans. 

The federal government and many states have also opened a special three-month enrollment period through May 15 to obtain health insurance. Check out to learn more about your options. 

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