The following has been provided by the International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (also known as GlobalSkin).

The International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations (also known as GlobalSkin) is inviting pemphigus and pemphigoid patient community members to participate in a unique research project where the dermatology patient is the expert and their opinion truly matters.

With the help and guidance of dermatology patients around the world, the Global Research on the Impact of Dermatological Diseases (GRIDD) project aims to develop a global instrument to measure the impact of living with skin diseases on a global scale. Further, it will document patient experiences including the extent of disease impact and burden for patients and their families.

By participating in GRIDD, patients will help design a new and credible measurement tool (questionnaire) that fully explains the impacts and challenges patients experience.

Dermatology patients are needed!

The GRIDD project is currently in Phase 3 and focused on a Patient Data Verification Delphi. The goal of the Delphi is to gather impact data from 2,000 adult dermatology patients representing as many different dermatological diseases as possible and from all regions of the globe.

As a participant, you would be asked to take part in two surveys – one now and then one in two
months. The survey will ask you questions about your experience living with pemphigus and pemphigoid and how it impacts your life and how much of a burden it is on your family.

By taking part in the Delphi and completing the two surveys, you will be making an important contribution to improving the lives of pemphigus and pemphigoid patients and all dermatology patients around the world now and in the future.

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