Scientific Seminar Series

Join us for the next webinar of our Scientific Seminar Series.

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Sep 05, 2022 @

In close cooperation with Drs. Ralf Ludwig & Katja Bieber of the Lübeck Institute for Experimental Dermatology at the University of Lübeck, the IPPF Scientific Seminar Series is a scientific educational program with experts from various international institutions who present on their scientific findings on pemphigus and pemphigoid. Content will highlight recently published and/or unpublished data in both basic and translational research.

Part 1: “Up-regulation of ST18 in pemphigus vulgaris” – Eli Sprecher, MD, PhD, MBA – Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center, Israel

Part 2: “Epidermolysis Bullosa Acquisita-Like Blistering Disease in Mice” – Elisabeth Vicari, MS – Universität Heidelberg Hospital, Germany