Research Grants

IPPF Research Grant Program

The grant period is closed.

Congratulations to the 2017-2018 IPPF Research Grant Award Recipients:

Kyle T. Amber, MD – Identifying novel pharmacologic targets in bullous pemphigoid: Unraveling the mechanisms of eosinophils

Barbara Horvath, MD – Characterizing molecular pathways, epitopes, eosinophils and IL-31 expression in bullous and nonbullous pemphigoid. What makes the blister?

Animesh Sinha, MD, PhD – il-13 receptor alpha 1 downregulation as a protective mechanism and therapeutic target in pemphigus vulgaris

Justin Taylor, PhD – Elucidating the mechanisms that prevent pemphigus in healthy individuals

Erin Wei, MD – Evaluating the prevalence, risk factors, and potential areas of intervention for post-traumatic stress disorder from autoimmune bullous diseases

Jens Wrammert, PhD – Human antibody responses against Desmogelin-3 in pemphigus vulgaris patients