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A Patient’s Journey toward a Pemphigus Vulgaris Diagnosis

Watch Becky Strong describe her emotional journey towards obtaining a pemphigus vulgaris diagnosis. This honest portrayal of a patient’s search for answers emphasizes the importance of awareness and early diagnosis. Unfortunately, many patients share Becky’s experience.

PV/MMP: A Clinical Overview for Dental Students and Professionals

Dr. David Sirois, DMD, PhD provides an overview of PV/MMP. The presentation includes: Key Symptoms to Recognize; Differential Diagnosis; Performing a Biopsy; Treatment; and Oral Complications. This video serves as a supplement to what is already being taught on PV/MMP in the current dental school curriculum, as well as a refresher for dental professionals in practice.

Webinar Recording: argenx BALLAD Bullous Pemphigoid Clinical Trial Information for the IPPF Community

This webinar, sponsored by argenx, was held on November 15, 2022 and focused on the argenx BALLAD bullous pemphigoid clinical trial. View the recording here.

Print Materials

Print materials can be downloaded below. Materials are also available upon request by emailing

The Urgent Needs of Pemphigus Patients: Elevating Awareness

This white paper focuses on the urgent needs of pemphigus patients that were defined at our Patient Forum in October, 2020. Download

Biopsies Save Lives

This diagnostic tool provides 4 key questions a dentist can ask their patient to determine if a P/P diagnosis should be considered. It encourages dental professionals to recognize P/P symptoms as early as possible. Download


Understanding PV/MMP

This insert provides an overview of PV/MMP, including clinical presentation, differential diagnosis, biopsy, and dental management. Download


PV/MMP Awareness

This brochure provides dental professionals and students with an overview of the IPPF Awareness Program. It includes information on continuing education opportunities, IPPF services, and Patient Educator lectures. Download


IPPF Patient Services Flyer

This handout can be printed by health professionals to give directly to patients. The flyer outlines the free IPPF patient resources available such as the peer health coach program, patient education webinars, and local support group meetings. Download

Awareness postcard

This postcard includes disease summaries and key clinical presentation points. It also provides diagnostic and biopsy information, as well as links to more information. Download


Continuing Education postcard

This postcard includes information about IPPF patient and/or scientific presentations at dental meetings, conferences, lectures, or events. It also provides course learning objectives, as well as contact information. Download

Patient Education postcard

This postcard includes information about IPPF Patient Educators and their role in sharing diagnosis stories with students at U.S. dental schools. It also provides information on presentation format, as well as links to more information. Download

Sponsorship/Giving Opportunities postcard

This postcard includes information about IPPF sponsorship and giving opportunities. It outlines various ways to get involved, as well as contact information. Download




NHS England: Clinical Commissioning Policy on Rituximab for Immunobullous Diseases

NHS England will commission rituximab for immunobullous disease in accordance with the criteria outlined in this document. In creating this policy NHS England has reviewed this clinical condition and the options for its treatment. Download

Additional Resources

Selected articles

Journal library

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