Missing Out On “Free” Money?

Did you know that more than $10 billion in employer matching of charitable donations goes unclaimed each year? Employers typically match their employees’ donations up to a certain dollar amount per employee per year.  All funds not utilized by employees by the end of the calendar year are never distributed to charities.

Matching donation programs are a large part of corporations’ social responsibility initiatives. According to GreatNonprofits.org, many corporate employees do not know that their employer will match their charitable donations. As a result, billions of dollars that can go to deserving nonprofits toward vital social programs are never distributed. Workplace giving programs are responsible for about $5 billion in charitable giving each year, but greater awareness could lead to at least a tripling of that figure. Each year, the IPPF receives a handful of company-matched donations. Of the 623 donations received in 2015, 12 donations (or 1.9%) were matched by employers for an additional $1,250. Imagine if that number were 5%, 10% … or even a lofty 25%?

To help our donor community maximize their gifts, the IPPF has added the ability to search and see if your employer has a matching donation program through DonateDouble.com. To see if your employer has a matching donation program, check the box next to “Would you like your employer to match?”  Find your employer in the list and enter your work email address. That’s it!  DonateDouble is an end-to-end employer matching service. By actively managing the match process, DonateDouble minimizes work donors are typically asked to complete by their employer.  For example, when required by companies, DonateDouble auto-fills match forms and sends them to donors for e-signature.  This also minimizes the effort for the IPPF by organizing and driving the match process on our behalf.

When you make your next donation, please “Check the Box” and see if your employer is on the list. You can also contact your HR department for assistance. If you have any questions, feel free to call the office and speak to Monique, Noelle, or myself. You can also email us at info@pemphigus.org.

Thank you and let’s “Check the Box” in 2016 to maximize every dollar donated!