The IPPF has maintained a “News and Information” section for many years. The launch of PemPress signals a new era in how we share information with our community. Our overarching goal is to increase public knowledge of the IPPF and our programs and services while providing P/P patients with information that improves their quality of life.

Our PemPress operational goals are to build and strengthen the IPPF brand by increasing visitors to our website; convert those visitors into donors, volunteers, ambassadors, and advocates; and increase the IPPF presence on social media channels. Each week, a new article will be posted in one of four categories: advocacy, awareness, education, or foundation. This monthly rotation will ensure we are keeping our community up to date on ways to help the IPPF and themselves.

  • Week 1: Foundation
  • Week 2: Patient Support
  • Week 3: Awareness
  • Week 4: Advocacy
  • Week 5 (if there is one): To be determined.

This is no small task and takes many people behind the scenes to research, write, and edit content. It would not be possible without the support of the IPPF staff and volunteer section editors. To provide even more informational, educational, and rich content, we have guest contributors who will focus on specific areas of interest to our community. These folks are with specialty pharmacies, P/P treating physicians, global P/P experts, our staff, volunteers, and patients, caregivers, and family members.

If you would like to be featured as a guest contributor, have a suggestion on PemPress, or a future story, contact the PemPress team at