Where Does My IPPF Donation Go?

A few years ago, my daughter joined a local swim club and my wife and I decided to make a donation to the club. So we asked what the donation money goes for and they kindly replied that “our generous donation helps the swim club pursue excellence through the sport of swimming.” My wife and I looked at each other wondering what exactly that meant, so we asked again, but made sure to specify what we meant. We were then told that our donation goes to help pay for the facilities, equipment, swim meets, and coaching staff. Knowing that our donation payed for the excellent facilities, top-notch equipment, extremely organized swim meets, and the personal instruction that our daughter got 5 days a week was worth it to us. So, what does this have to do with the IPPF? Well, knowing where your donation goes and the impact it has is the reason you donate.

I am committed to transparency and accountability, and I believe that donors have the right to know how their dollars are being spent. That is why the IPPF promises donors that 100% of their donations will support our mission-focused programming. Our programs are broken down into four areas, including patient support, awareness and education, advocacy, and research.

Patient Support:

  • Peer Health Coach Program
  • Patient Education Calls
  • Educational Materials
  • Local Support Group Meetings
  • Annual Patient Conference


  • Rare Disease Week
  • In-District Lobbying
  • Coalition of Skin Diseases Advocacy
  • International Alliance of Dermatology Patient Organizations
  • Medicare Advocacy

Awareness & Education: 

  • Dental Student Education
  • Dental Professional Education
  • Awareness Ambassador Program
  • Educational Materials
  • News Publications


  • NIAMS Coalition
  • Clinical Trials
  • Open Access Publications
  • IPPF Natural History Study
  • IPPF Scientific Conference

The IPPF appreciates the generosity of each and every dollar we receive, and we allocate donated funds in a responsible manner. After all, your generosity allows us to carry out our mission of improving the quality of life for all people affected by pemphigus and pemphigoid through early diagnosis and support.